Images cluttered the page but one tattoo set her nerves on edge: inky-black eyes surrounded by wings like shadows coalescing.

Ink Exchange is a book had to describe. it has all the makings of an amazing book. It is fast paced, it has the daring male role, and its believable to a certain degree. Leslie is a girl that has been abused most of her life, especially after her mother was gone. she goes through the same stages that some one who had lived through the trauma of abuse would. we follow her as she struggles with trying to keep her horror of a life at home far away from the one she had carefully constructed at school. Having to work to pay for the rents, Leslie does not have much to indulge herself in but what she really wants is a tattoo. She knows nothing of the world of the faeries but when she is attracted to a tattoo of eyes and wings. all she knows is that she has to have it. she is convinced that it is a symbol of freedom, safety, braveness. changes she desperately wants and needs in  her life. Little did she know that when the first drop of the ink touched her virgin skin, HER LIFE WOULD BE CHANGED FOREVER.

I liked the whole plot of story but at sometimes, it started to drag and i found myself skipping pages to try and get to a place with more action. Also sometimes, the story didn’t make sense, i was reading a sentence, then it cuts of halfway to describe something completely random that lasts like half the page and then it continues. i love people who describe things correctly but there is a thing called over description and unfortunately Melissa did a bit. Also Near the end, it seemed like she was rushing it, like she wanted to finish it fast. i hate it when authors do that. i get all excited to see whats going to happen and hen it cuts of short and your like ‘What?’. it was anticlimactic and it sort of drew a bit of frustration from me, otherwise, the book was a great read that i enjoyed to read in my spare time. unfortunately i was not submerged in i as i had the first book ‘Wicked Lovely’. It was a bit of disappointment after the first book in the series but yet again, which books aren’t, apart from Hunger games ‘Catching Fire’.   I would probably suggest this books to those who want to read a book on a journey or so, but out of five i would only rate it