About me.

This Blog is simply about the books i read and what i think of them. as an author, i know what is good and what is not, especially with how they word things. i am bluntly truthful about my opinion, so if i don’t like a book i wont try to honey coat it, i will bare down all the flaws i see, like i.e spelling mistakes, sentences that don’t make sense, rushed endings things that i see all the time when reading books. i tend to read books all the time, no matter where i am, i always have my kindle with me in my bag. However i will be fair, i will compliment on all the good things i find. most people that know me, call me bluntly truthful to the existent of being mean. i’m like a female Simone Cowel. Don’t be turned off however, i read a wide variety of books and last year alone, i read about 300 books so i will never be short of writing reviews. i do not follow the trends and read famously well known books alone, i read small books. if i like the blurb, sometimes even just the front cover, i will buy the book. most of the time, i have an awesome gut which tells me which books to read and not but there are those times where i get the unfortunate encounter of reading hands down shit.

If you are looking for a truthful review and ratings for books, follow me. i’m open for suggestion on books 24/7 i read just about anything apart from biography’s and non-fiction.
Half my favorite authors some of you might not know but when i’m finished reviewing their books, you’ll either love them or hate them. that i promise you.

down under are other awesome blogs. told you i’m generous.


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